Metro Los Angeles Apartment Market

Apartment Market Inventory (50+ Units):

Properties 1267
Units 153488
Submarkets 38
Cities 26

Principal Municipalities

Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, Torrance, Santa Monica, Hawthorne, Hollywood, Culver City and Inglewood


Los Angeles

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As robust as new apartment construction has been, momentum is continuing to increase in most markets.
There is a serious acceleration in new apartment development action among some markets that bears attention.

The apartment development market is progressing full on.  It happens at some point in every market ascension, but it’s no less exciting to see the most current action.  In some markets, the action is intense.

Enthusiasm runs high for 2013 apartment market absorption projects, but a few markets deserve attention.  Among Pierce-Eislen’s 54 markets, 1,095 apartment properties, 247,389 units, are under construction.  Ten of those markets hold a disproportionate share of new supply.

Some interesting activity is developing among sixteen of the markets surveyed by Pierce-Eislen.